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Case Study: TicketPlan

TicketPlan are one of the leading suppliers of insurance for ticketed events including train tickets, festivals, shows and music gigs.


This development was delivered in stages, this allowed our client to keep a close eye on the budget. Phase one included the basic system. Phase two added enhanced reporting, data collection and advanced admin features. The planning of phase two included feedback from the admin team who had been using the system for a while, this kind of input is a great way to refine a system.

Design within the complex form was kept simple so that the labelling and instructions were clear to all users. For the foreign language forms where the content needed to be legally accurate, hardcoded translations were used. For other pages we implemented the Google Translate tool for general translations in order to keep costs to a minimum. The complex forms were made responsive and easier to use for smart phones and tablet users.



The development of this bespoke system has allowed TicketPlan to quickly and efficiently deal with claims, and in turn this has allowed them to grow their business by offering their services to more ticketing agents and vendors.

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