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Video Production

Engage Instantly, Boost Sales

If you are looking for a marketing method that will instantly engage your target audience, make a visual impact and boost visits and conversions, you simply cannot beat video.


Make Every Second Count - Video Provides That Instant Hook

When you’re looking to make a fast and lasting impression, video is highly responsive and effective. Statistics show you only have 9 seconds to engage your audience. Make every one of those seconds count with professional, punchy and persuasive video.

Of course, video costs more than more traditional forms of marketing, and we understand this is a giant leap for many of our customers. We’d love to show you the ROI you could achieve with video production, and a video that is expertly produced and which targets your audience with pinpoint accuracy.

Promotional Company Videos

You often only get one shot to sell your business, product or service. That means telling an engaging and convincing story that sticks in your viewer’s mind long after the video has ended. We produce company video that is broadcast quality, inspirational and which is aligned to your business goals perfectly.

Animation Videos

Whether you are looking for a 60 second explainer video or 3D animation, our animated videos are designed to get you results. Phuse’s talented team offers the perfect combination of design expertise and a sharp eye for business. From the quirky and memorable to the slick and simplistic, our animated videos are sure to get you noticed.