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Case Study: Griffin Lettings

Bespoke property lettings portal for Griffin Lettings.


The first thing you notice when you arrive at the site are the very clear messages and calls to action all above the fold on the first page. Firstly, the main message that drives sign-ups and paid listings is emphasised as the first item in the promotional carousel. Directly under that the user journey is clearly defined ‘Landlords’ and ‘Tenants’ both given equal weight but then funnelled off into their discreet areas. Good use of the space is also made by having prominent contact information and account signup and login links easily accessible.

The user journey is critical in this site, as on the one hand properties for tenants must be easy and quick to find and the online application process simple, while for landlords the complex task of correctly listing rentals needs to be clear and straightforward.

For the property listing section, we created a clear tabbed process for the user to add a property. Colour coding is used to show whether sections are incomplete, complete or in need of more information (see below fig X). Autocomplete and drop down are used wherever possible to reduce error in the process. Also note there are operators live to help with any issues arising from the process. This system automatically saves and loads in the background, so the user cannot lose any data by mistake.

As with all our systems PHP/MYSQL/JavaScript is used for the creation, for projects with complex User Interface requirements we build JQuery plugins to deliver the app.

Griffin Lettings


The website allows customers to quickly and easily register, upload and publish their properties. A number of optional extras are available to enhance property listings. Once approved properties are published to the Rightmove and Zoopla platforms.  

To view the completed from-end website, visit:

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