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By Matt Gates on 12/03/15 | Category - Search Engine Optimisation
Search engine optimisation, or SEO as it is also commonly known, is the process of optimising each page on your website so that it can be easily found by Google. There are many ways you can do this, but one of the most effective ways is to use keywords throughout your pages that reflect the services or products you have to offer. This will help Google to return relevant results to users and get you higher up in the search engine rankings than you thought possible.

Here are five tips to improve your websites SEO.

Five SEO tips

1. Use Google Adwords to find the best keywords

Keywords are essential if you want your website to rank well on Google, whether you are using paid advertising or organic search engine optimisation. Google offers a keyword research tool called Adwords that allows you to find the most relevant and popular keywords for your products, services or industry. Not only can you see the most popular keywords, but you can also see how many people searched recently using those keywords. This can really help you to understand how your potential customers are searching for services or products like yours. Once you have defined which keywords can be used for your business or organisation, you can start using them within your content and also the meta data on each page. It is also a good idea to give your pages the same names as the keywords you select - it all helps when it comes to search engine rankings. When optimised in the right way, your keyword rich content can really start to bring in more traffic and turn those visits into conversions. Use the Google Adwords tool here.

2. Include keywords throughout your website for the best results

Once you have found a good set of keywords to work with, it's time to put them to work. You can do this by writing content that includes these keywords. We recommend a keyword density (that's the ratio of keywords to normal text on the page) of between 1 and 3%. This will make your copy appear natural to human eyes, and also to Google. In addition to including your keywords in your content, place them within the headings of your pages and also link them to other pages on your site. You should also include them in the meta data of your pages- your meta description, h1 and h2 headings etc. We can help you with these areas if you don't have any experience in search engine optimisation.

3. Don't hide your services under a generic services tab

If you offer a range of services, don't hide them away by placing individual service pages under a generic 'Services' tab. Instead, bring them up a level so that it is clear to your visitors what you have to offer. A website that is easy to understand and easy to navigate will be welcomed by your visitors and will help them to make a quick decision on whether to use your services. Very often, you only have a few seconds to make a lasting first impression with your website, and navigation and layout are important. Try to link your pages to other pages as much as possible so that you draw visitors deeper into your website. Include a strong call to action on each page too, including a compelling reason why customers should use your company and how they can get in touch with you.

4. Always make sure that content is unique and relevant

One of the most important rules of writing copy for the web is that it must be unique - that is, you cannot copy content from another website and make it your own. Google looks unfavourably at duplicate content and you will find that the ranking of your website will suffer dramatically if you use any on your pages. It is also important to make your content relevant to your target audience. Give them useful information about your company, products or services, tell them why you are better than the rest and give them clear ways to get in touch with you. Keeping your content fresh and frequent can also work wonders for your search engine ranking, so why not include a blog on your website? Here you can really put your keywords to work for you and give your target audience a reason to keep coming back or to bookmark your website.

5. Include individual pages for each service you provide

You could talk about all of the services you provide on just one page, but if you really want to optimise your website, an individual page for each service can really help. This is because you get another chance to use those keywords to good effect, and also make it clear to your customers what you do. Customers may only be looking for one of your services and by offering them a dedicated page that relates to and which is optimised for that service, you can help them to find you easily. You can also include town names on your services pages to help the process even more. Many people will enter a search such as 'car repairs in Southend' and so it makes sense to include some geographical keywords within your content too.

For more information on search engine optimisation for your website contact us on 01702 482011 or click here to send us an email.

By Matt Gates on 27/10/14 | Category - Logo Design & Branding

The Curve Content Management System (CMS) has been re-branded and the CMS interface has been improved and re-designed. The newly updated logo and website can be seen below along with screen shots of the updated interface.

Above the updated Curve CMS logo, below the new website home.

The Curve CMS entirely designed and developed by Phuse Media over the last 8 years has been developed significantly during the last six months and now features a newly designed CMS interface and a new way of managing content - the content block management system.

The innovative content block system allows for the easy addition and positioning of different types of content from text and images to video and custom content like news, blog or product information.

Using 'drag and drop' technology the content block can be easily re-positioned within the page. Simply click and drag the block to where on the page you wish it to be. The width of the block can also be changed setting the block to be either 1, 2 or 3 columns wide.

Curve CMS page list

Above the main page list interface, below the page/block edit interface.

Curve CMS page edit

The screen shot below shows the drag and drop re-positioning.

Curve CMS - Drag and drop

The CMS has a wide range of additional plug-ins including; e-commerce system, blog and news manager, event manager, image gallery, password protected login area and a job vacancy manager.

Click here to find out more about our web content management system services..

For more information on the CMS visit the new Curve CMS website, or call us on 01702 482011.

By Matt Gates on 08/10/14 | Category - Graphic Design
Phuse are excited to have worked with Paul McDonagh designing a cover for his first novel Groundwork.

Groundwork is a powerful novel set during the economic and political upheaval of the 1990's. It is a wonderfully evocative story that will live long in the memory.

The book will be published in both print and as an ebook and is available to buy from Amazon. A proof copy of the book can be seen below, can't wait to see the finished version!

We also produced the website which you can view here:

Groundwork cover by Phuse

To view more of our work visit our graphic design portfolio call us on 01702 482011


By Matt Gates on 28/07/14 | Category - Web Design
Phuse are proud to announce the launch of a brand new website for the Hilton London Syon Park hotel, developed by Phuse and designed by Price Associates

Working closely with the client we produced a new site structure and improved the naming of some of the pages to aid SEO. The site is fully content managed and built using responsive design techniques which mean the site works on any device including tablets and smart phones.

Hilton London Syon Park

Hilton London Syon Park - Home page

Hilton London Syon Park - The Rooms

Hilton London Syon Park - The Rooms

Hilton Syon Park - Tablet & Smart Phone
The site when viewed on tablet and smart phone.

You can view the live site by visiting:

By Matt Gates on 05/06/14 | Category - Web Design
Phuse are proud to be sponsors of the 2014 Leigh Art Trail which is held in Leigh on Sea between the 7th and 14th June.

As part of our sponsorship we have designed and produced a new website to promote the art trail, screen shots of which can be seen below. The website home page highlights artist work plus this year's guest artist, event information and embedded twitter feed.

The artist section of the site list all of this year's participating artists and the venue they are exhibiting at, plus examples of their work. A digital download of the art trail map can also be accessed to guide you around all venues and events.

The full website can be seen here:

Leigh Art Trail 2014

Home page close up.

Leigh Art Trail - Home page

Full home page screen shot.

Leigh Art Trail - Artists page

Artists page.

By Matt Gates on 25/04/14 | Category - Logo Design & Branding
Phuse have developed a striking new logo and website for Curtains & Blinds in London.

Logo Design - Curtains & Blinds in London

Chris and Wenda at Curtains & Blinds in London have produced some great work over the years and images of their work are prominent across the site. A block/slab layout is used at the top of each page, the images within each block change to reveal more examples of completed work. The home page can be seen below.

Web Design - Curtains & Blinds in London

The full website can be viewed here:

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