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By Matt Gates on 04/10/12 | Category - Graphic Design
Being a reader of science fiction and a lover of graphic design I have always admired the cover art of science fiction novels especially the ones printed in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Whenever in charity shops and boot sale type places I always keep my eye open for these generally torn a tatted items.

I recently found a number of old novels some in great condition which had probabaly never been read. Whether your a science fiction fan or not you can't help but admire the skill of some of these pre-computer age graphic artists.

Researching the covers led me to discover the work of two exciting graphic designers; David Pelham and Franco Grignani.

Sci-Fi Graphic Design

David Pelham became Art Director for Peguin Fiction in 1968 creating a number of covers himself including the two covers above, both Alfred Bester novels. He also created the famous cover artwork for the Antony Burgess novel A Clockwork Orange. Pelham also commisioned other artists like Italian Franco Grignani.

Grignani went on to create a series of sixteen covers for Penguin including the cover shown below right for Fred Saberhagen's 1970 novel Berserker. The cover depicts a distorted robotic figure towering over hordes of humans, it takes on a more sinister twist when you note that the novel is about cold alien killing machines programmed to destroy all life in the universe!

Sci-Fi Graphic Design

In a time before any computer aided design the two slightly psychedelic covers below are interesting. The face in the middle is Issac Asimov himself.

Sci-Fi Graphic Cover Art

Sci-Fi Cover Art

You can view more Penguin Sci-Fi cover art here: Also a selection of Panther Science Fiction covers
By Matt Gates on 01/10/12 | Category - Audio
Metal Culture recently commissioned cult punk poet, John Cooper Clarke to create a spoken word recording to be played on a train journey from Liverpool Lime Street to Edge Hill Station. Phuse were invited along to do the recording at John's home in Colchester.

John Cooper Clarke recorded by Phuse

The recording will be played daily on the 12.01pm train to Edge Hill Station. You can also catch the work at Café Valise for the duration of the Peterborough Festival.

The recording can be heard in full below.

Find out more
By Matt on 12/06/12 | Category - Web Design
The 2012 Leigh Art Trail kicks off this Saturday for its usual week long celebration of local art. This is an anniversary year for the trail as it's been going now for 15 years!

Phuse are proud to sponsor the Leigh Art Trail website; you can view all this years artists and their work plus all the participating venues and other information on art trail related events. You can download a map for this years trail or pick one up from most shops or cafes in Leigh.

Get up to date information on the Leigh Art Trail on Twitter, while your there why not follow Phuse as well.

Look forward to seeing you all on the trail!

Leigh Art Trail - Web Design
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By Matt on 30/05/12 | Category - Web Design
Phuse have been chosen to develop an e-commerce website and online brand for Lescott Stewart; a new fashion label founded by Joleon Lescott and Jordan Stewart.

An initial preview only version of the site has just been launched with a full buy online version coming soon. You can see below some screengrabs of the new site developed by Phuse.

Lescott Stewart - Home
For the main products page shown below we have developed a scrolling carousel. We've added some extra functionality so iPad and otgher mobile visitors can scroll on finger touch.

Lescott Stewart - Web Design - Products
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By Matt on 21/04/12 | Category - Graphic Design
Listen To This is a series of four connected talks that bring together musicians, writers and critics. Developed and presented by author Daryl Easlea and academic Andrew Branch and hosted by Metal Culture.

To publicise the event Phuse were asked to develop an identity and brand concept to be used across a number of different mediums. The final design can be seen below plus a number of alternatives that were also presented.

Single cover concept

This design concept was inspired by the album cover artwork of 'The Best of Blur' created by artist Julian Opie. Blur are one of the bands being covered in the series of talks so the connection here was relevant to the project. Instead of the four members of Blur we have four artists also discussed in the talks; Wilko Johnson, David Bowie, Pete Townshend and Jackie Wilson. The flyer is design to resemble an old vinyl single with the record half removed from the cover, the Listen To This logo is shown in the middle of the record. This was the design chosen by the client and has been produced initially as a die cut A5 flyer.

Listen To This - Final design
A number of different logos were also created as part of the design process, the chosen logo can be seen below right. This logo was conceived to resemble a 1960's record label logo.Listen To This - Logos

Badge concept

This design was inspired the small band badges that have been popular for decades. The front cover below left has a different badge for each artist or band discussed in the talks. The Listen To This logo is also in the style of a badge.

LTT- Badge Concept

Album covers concept

This design plays with the typography of a number of famous album and single covers to produce an effective flyer. The typefaces have been carried through to the back cover create a logo.

LTT- Vinyl Covers Concept

Scrapbook montage concept

Reminiscent of scrapbook collages created in our teenage years this design brings together images of all the artists featured in the talks.

LTT- Montage Concept
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By Matt on 19/04/12 | Category - Web Design

Phuse have just been awarded the contract to develop a website for the enigmatic Lord Bath of Longleat. The pitching process involved the presentation of a number of home page design concepts for the website which can be seen below.

The new website which is currently under development will replace the current site (it's quite fun getting lost in this site!) and will feature galleries of Lord Bath's artwork, excerpts of his songs and poetry and his autobiography 'Strictly Private'.

We will also be going on location at Longleat in the next few weeks to do some 360 degree photography of the murals in Lord Bath's private apartments.

Design concept 1

This design concept was the one chosen by the client. For the home page it uses a striking photomontage of Lord Bath in front of Longleat, the style and colour of the photo gives the design a ethereal feel which we think perfectly represents Lord Bath and his work.

Lord Bath concept 1A

The interior or content pages of the site were designed to put the mural artwork of Lord Bath centre stage, giving the visual impression that you were standing in front of them. The actual design aspects of the page have been toned down to give maximum impact to the full screen photos.

Lord Bath concept 1B

A visual for the 'panoramas' pages of the website.

Lord Bath concept 1C

Design concept 2

These two designs were favourites of ours. Lord Bath can be easily recognised by his beard, long hair and love of kaleidoscope coloured clothes. The idea behind this concept was to portray this simply and graphically using a head shot silhouette and psychedelic colours for the hair, reminiscent of psychedelic concert posters of the 1960's but with a clean modern feel.

Lord Bath - Phuse Design 1
We presented two options of this concept one white and one black, we couldn't decide which one we liked best!

Lord Bath - Phuse Design 2

Design concept 3

This design concept was created using elements of the paintings and murals of Lord Bath.

Lord Bath - Phuse Design 3

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