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By Matt Gates on 20/09/16 | Category - Video Production

Did you know that audiences are 10 times more likely to engage with your website if you have video content, or that 71% of online marketers say that conversion rates from video outperform any of their other content?

Those are just some of the facts and figures that are making business owners take notice of this marketing phenomenon, and use video in their marketing strategy.

The benefits of video marketing on your website

Millions of people in the UK watch online video

When it comes to reaching your target audience, no other marketing format does better than video. YouTube alone reaches more than one billion visitors every month, and in the UK one in three people watch an online video each week, there are also other popular platforms like Vimeo. That might not sound like much at face value, but it equates to 20 million people a week. Imagine having a share of those statistics.

And video isn’t just something for the big companies. More and more small businesses are using video in their marketing campaigns. From fun and memorable explainer videos that use animated characters to tell a story, to whiteboard videos and product videos, there is so much choice available to businesses looking to capitalise on video marketing.

Done in 60 seconds

With video you can say so much more and in less time than you could with a page of written content. And it's more entertaining, too! Your visitors don't want to wade through pages and pages of text, so don't put them through that. You can say more with video in 60 seconds than you ever could with text, so why not put video to work for you? At Phuse Media, we have helped many of our clients to realise the true marketing power of video, and you can see some of our most recent video production work here. Or view our all our videos on our Vimeo page.

Video engages more senses, and enables you to use more mediums to capture the attention of your visitor. How many ads have you been moved by in the past? How many ads have led you to purchase a product or service? It’s all about understanding your target audience, and delivering a message that they will respond to. What’s more, video is easy to digest and in 60 seconds you can persuade a potential customer to get in touch, find out more, or buy your product.

Reach out to a wider audience

One of the biggest advantages of video marketing is that it gives you the ability to reach a wider audience - millions of people if you want to. The return on investment with video is huge, especially when you consider a video can go viral and gain millions of views in a matter of days. This isn’t rare anymore, and if you use a great idea, you could have a viral phenomenon on your hands.

Longer visits

Another great advantage of using video is that it makes people stick around longer on your website, social media page or YouTube channel. They are also more likely to remember your message because it engaged more of their time and senses. In a few seconds you can get across your wonderful idea, the benefits of your product or the story of your company and really make an impact.

Good for SEO too

Of course, if you are publishing your video on your website, you need to attract people to your website to view it. When used in the right way, video can be a very powerful form of content and make an excellent contribution to your SEO strategies. The result is that more people are able to find your website, and once they are there watch an intriguing and persuasive video that will hopefully convert them into a paying customer.

Want to join the video marketing revolution? Get in touch with Phuse today. We can tell you more about the undeniable power of video, and help you to reach more people than you thought possible.

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