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By Matt Gates on 02/09/16 | Category - Social Media Marketing

Here at Phuse Media, we focus a lot of our attention on Google SEO, and helping our clients to improve their search engine rankings. We also often find ourselves explaining the importance of using Google , Google’s social media network. The jury might be out when it comes to Google ’s value for personal users, but for business users the platform is a great way to reach more potential customers.

Benefits of using Google plus

Great for your business

Google works hand in hand with Google Search, and that’s really something to take note of. Google offers Google for Business services that can help you to achieve higher ranking search results by providing key business information such as location and directions, reviews, photos, opening hours and much more. This information appears on search pages, and ensures you stand out, and that potential customers can learn as much as possible about you at a glance. Google also allows you to promote discounts, blog posts, special offers and other content you want to appear.

It’s from Google and that matters

Sure, many people use other search engines, but we all know that Google is by far the most popular. It therefore makes a lot of sense to use the social media platform offered by the search engine giant. One of the biggest benefits of adding Google to your marketing strategy is its SEO value. By adding your business information to Google , you are more likely to rise above your competitors when it comes to location-based searches.

Gain interest and win trust

Google also allows you to add images, and so if you’re proud of your headquarters, or you want to showcase your products when your business appears on a search page, you can add those images easily. Users often feel much more comfortable using a company that has an obvious business address, or a strong presence on Google.

Move in the right circles

So, once you have your Google page set up (click here to register and get started with Google Plus), it's time to find people and invite them to follow you. There are a number of ways you can do this:

  • Post excellent content on your profile.
  • Use trending and relevant hashtags where possible - lots of people use these in their searches.
  • Encourage Google follows by offering something in return - this could be a discount, some free information, or another incentive.
  • Circle people back, and circle other relevant organisations and businesses to expand your exposure.
  • Add a Google button or badge to your website, and make it clearly visible.
  • Always be personable and make it clear you are a real person posting. This helps to build trust in your brand, and encourages conversation.
  • Share relevant and helpful content in Google Communities.

Target the right audience

Once you have built a following through Google Circles, you can start to target your followers by looking at what they are discussing and responding to those discussions, either in word form or improving your products or services. What used to be said behind closed doors is now being said online, and whilst this can be good and bad, it’s great for businesses looking to get an insight into customer views and behaviour. Google can give you that insight, and it’s just one more way to build a following.

Request reviews

More and more consumers rely on reviews before making a choice about a business. With Google you can earn reviews from your customers and publish these alongside your business details in search results. This is a great feature that will show web users your track record immediately, and before they even reach your website.

Another great way to boost business

In such a busy marketplace online, it’s essential to stand out from your competition, and Google is another great way to do this. Whether you are already using other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, or you are looking to get started, we can help. Speak to us today and see what we can do to promote and grow your business using the latest technology.

View the Phuse Web Design Google Plus page here, lets link up!

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